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Books By Barb Warner Deane

On The Homefront 


In 1941, WWII begins for the United States, and life will never be the same for three women as they send their husbands, brothers, and friends off to war. Ruth, a young wife and teacher, Lilly her teenaged sister-in-law, and Helen, a British war bride, learn to cope with rationing, change, fear, loss, humiliation, and brutality while they forge an impenetrable bond and grow to be stronger than any of them ever dreamed possible. They lean on each other for support, aided by the family and friends who surround them, but when one decides to go to the front lines as part of the American Red Cross Clubmobile program, how can they cope with her absence—and more telegrams reporting loss?

Killing Her Softy
Harper's Glen series, Book #1


Afraid for her life after spending ten years in an abusive marriage, Kate Finelli has to find the courage to get herself out. When she calls the sheriff’s office, she hears a familiar voice—Jack, the first man to show her love. Can Kate trust him to help her get away from the long-suffering abuse? Jack left Harper’s Glen for a career in the FBI. He’s returned to fill in for the sheriff, the man who mentored him his whole life. With strained family ties, Jack doesn’t plan on staying in this small town for long, until a panicked call comes in from Kate. He left when she chose his brother, but must stay to help her now. With the backdrop of a murder investigation and threatening notes, Kate and Jack find each other again. Will the tension within their family keep them apart? Or will their struggle for safety bring them together after all these years?

AndThenThereWasYou_w12756_750 (1)_edited
And Then There Was You
Harper's Glen series, Book #2


Marnie Edwards thinks she has her life together. Then State Trooper Scott Randall starts asking mysterious questions at the same time she learns her mother has been hospitalized with cancer. When a bedside confession reveals she was adopted, suddenly Scott's investigation into child-trafficking becomes personal. Every time Scott turns around, he learns Marnie has something to do with his current investigation. Finding himself falling for the beguiling, strong-willed brunette isn't helping, especially when he's still nursing the wounds of his failed marriage.


When he and Marnie find themselves thrown together to help a pregnant teen who's being blackmailed into giving up her baby, they have to figure out what's important and who they are to each other, before it's too late.

The Whistle Stop Canteen

ISBN-13: 978-1-7339416-0-0

After losing her fiancé in WW1, Margaret Parker settled into a quiet, lonely life as the town librarian in North Platte, NE. After the US enters WW2, Margaret volunteers as the historian for the Servicemen’s Canteen organized by the women of North Platte. When Lt. Tom Carver strolls into the Canteen, he’s immediately drawn to Maggie and works hard to woo her, via letters, as he heads off to war. While reluctantly falling in love long-distance, Maggie also opens her heart to the teenaged girl she supervises and the townswomen working beside her, while fearing for the lives of the servicemen and women she meets at the Canteen.


When Tom springs a surprise on her, and then winds up MIA, Maggie must come to grips with her fear of another loss. Relying on her new family and friends, she must take a chance on love, if she wants to make a life for herself after the war is over. 

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