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My Author Website is Up!

Hi, all- I'm excited to announce my new website is up and running: Please check it out and learn more about On The Homefront, my first published novel which is due out from The Wild Rose Press in Summer, 2017. You can also read about the American Red Cross Clubmobiles and the brave women, the "Doughnut Dollies," who drove those Clubmobiles across Europe, Asia, and all fronts of World War II, serving our troops. I have a separate page entitled "Feisty Women" which highlights women who have made a difference in history, whether they are well known or not. If you have a recommendation of a Feisty Woman that you'd like me to feature, please send the information to me via the Contact Me page on my website. I'm always looking for inspiring stories about remarkable women (and girls). Thank you for your interest in my page, my book, and the history of feisty women.

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