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What do you think about Audio-Books?

My 2nd novel, Killing Her Softly, was released in audio-book format last week. I'm very excited, as I think audio-books open a world to another category of reader, and the more readers and books in the world, the better. What do you think?

I love audio-books and usually have one going at all times, in addition to an e-book on my phone, and even perhaps a paperback or hardcover "paper" book as well. I have a 25-minute commute to work each day, which isn't a lot compared to many people, but I don't want to waste my time listening to random music on the radio, and I detest talk radio, so I almost never drive without an audio-book. In fact, if I don't happen to have a current book I'm listening to, I keep all the Harry Potter audio-books on my Audible account and download the next one to listen to, just in case.

Certainly, I have favorite narrators - such as the incredible Jim Dale - but usually I'm there for the story more than the performance. If I can get my monthly book club books in audio, I'm a happy camper. I don't buy them all, as a lot of great audio-books are available for download from my local library on Overdrive.

I've heard people say that listening to a book isn't reading it, but I couldn't agree more. For me, the joy and purpose of reading, especially with fiction, is to immerse myself in the story, become emotionally attached to the characters, and live in that world a while. I find it much easier to fully commit to that fictional world if I'm listening to the story than stealing snippets of time when my eyes are not drooping to read for myself.

If you haven't tried an audio-book, I strongly recommend you check out your local library and see what's available. If you're a Harry Potter fan, but have never listened to the audio-books, you don't know what you've been missing. Both On The Homefront and Killing Her Softly should be available on Overdrive, if your library has purchased them, as well as on Amazon, Audible, and The Wild Rose Press. I hope you enjoy them.

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