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The Writing Life

I'm now well into year 2 of my life as a published author. At this time last year, I had sold one book and was working with my editor on preparing it for publication, as well as editing my 2nd book and preparing to send it to my publisher as well. Now I have 2 published novels, including one in audio-book format, have recently sent my third book to my editor, and am researching my 4th. In addition, I've learned a lot, including how much I don't know, about the business of writing, publishing, research, and self-promotion.

I mailed my first 2 books off for various reviews and contests and am happy to report that Killing Her Softly is short-listed for the CLUE Book Awards. The CLUE Book Awards recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Thrillers, Suspense, & Investigative Fiction. The CLUE Book Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions.

I'm lucky to know several well-known authors from when I ran my on-line book store, Barb's All Romance Book Store, and my years in the Romance Writers of America association. I'm grateful that many of them have offered cover quotes/reviews for both of my books and that On The Homefront has been selected to be reviewed on our Discovering Diamonds Review. Blog

But I have to say, in the course of publicizing On The Homefront, I've discovered that I truly enjoy the library programs I've been presenting on Women of WWII: On the Front Lines & the Home Front. I've been to 20 programs since August, some for libraries, some for women's groups, and some were book clubs. Book clubs are fun, because these are women who have read On The Homefront already and have questions and a discussion about it. But the library programs, even if only a few people show up, are a lot of fun. I don't talk about my books very much, it's about the roles American women took on in WWII. Which is why I have 10 more programs scheduled between now and April 1 - March is National Women's History Month.

While I often sell copies of one or both of my books at the end of the program, sometimes I don't. That's okay. I'm enjoying presenting the program enough, and usually getting paid to do so, that it's a win for me. And, as I am researching and writing my 2nd WWII-era historical, also set in the U.S., I know that I can continue to develop the program and keep presenting it as long as there are libraries and groups out there that are interested.

Maybe there's a little more of my family's teaching gene in me than I've ever thought there was!

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